Our team focuses our energy and resources to offer individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and business owners our full attention and the fruits of specific research, particuarly in the realm of business law, trustee services, introductory estate planning, and advanced estate planning and protection. Keeping the firm focused also allows us to spend quality time with each client and creates an atmosphere of trust that encourages them to share their enlightened dreams, hopes and concerns with us. These discussions, as well as our collaboration with other professional advisors, gives our team the unique opportunity to design customized and rewarding estate plans.

We look forward to meeting with you to ensure that a fortress of personalized and secure planning surrounds everything you own and everyone you love.

Please contact us by calling (208-665-4600) to speak with Cassidy (our Client Resource Coordinator) to arrange a time for an Introductory Call with our Private Client Manager or one of our Attorneys.