The Business of Estate Planning: Leave Your Personal Fingerprint

Many strive to keep their business and personal realms separate and distinct.  Though this might be a tantalizing concept, the truth is that effective, strategic estate planning solutions are born from a very personal process.  And, with today’s American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) environment, which gives permanence to the lower rate of much of the tax cuts, while retaining the higher tax rate at upper income levels and also establishes caps on tax deductions and credits for those at upper income levels, the personal element in the business of estate planning has increased ten-fold.

Are You a Prospective Client?

Most often the answer to this question is simple - yes.  This is because planning is about much more than "the money".  Ultimately, it is about people, yourself, your loved ones; it is about security and prosperity; it is about you and your family's  unique dangers, opportunities, and strengths.