Trustee and Fiduciary Representation

Trustees are bound by strict fiduciary standards. At The Grupp Law Firm LLC, we take this fiduciary responsibility seriously. Drawing upon decades of trust administration experience, we are prepared to assist a trustee in accomplishing the full array of trustee services including asset and investment management, filing of tax returns, trust accounting, and discretionary distribution decisions.
Additionally, whether you are the personal representative to an estate, the successor trustee to a revocable living trust, or have been appointed as sole or co-trustee to a suite of trusts, we can counsel you in fulfilling your duties to: 

  • determine the scope of the estate and marshal the assets; 
  • understand the legal documents; 
  • notify third parties and of creditors; 
  • comply with fiduciary income tax requirements; 
  • comply with estate and generation skipping tax obligations;
  • create sub-trusts and trustee authorities;
  • plan for cash flow;
  • plan for asset investment;
  • coordinate with beneficiaries for information, accounting, and consents; 
  • document asset transfers; and
  • confirm funding.


Trust Protector

A trust protector is a fiduciary role that provides oversight of trustee activity. The role of the trust protector can be specifically tailored to meet your unique trust administration concerns. The trust protector role may be broadly or narrowly defined.  A trust protector role frequently entails the power to remove and replace the trustee, change the trust situs, add or remove beneficiaries, and approve discretionary distributions. At The Grupp Law Firm LLC, we draw on our extensive knowledge of trust administration and fiduciary obligations to provide trust protector services or advise serving trust protectors to ensure that your trustee is truly working for you.


If we can assist your family by serving in one of these roles, contact The Grupp Law Firm LLC today.

    Trustee and Trust Protector Services
    Trustee and Trust Protector Services