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At The Grupp Law Firm LLC, we provide our clients and their families with the utmost protection and privacy to accomplish their comprehensive financial, business, trust and estate planning wishes. We are a family-focused practice that specifically caters to the Family Wealth Industry serving ultra-affluent families warranting sophisticated planning.  Drawing upon decades of experience, we deliver family wealth legal solutions that cater to business centric families, family offices, and enterprising families.


If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, you can visit our services or can contact us to speak with one of our team.


"We exist to elevate and professionalize the Family Wealth Industry one family at a time."
Matthew P. Grupp, President & CEO Grupp Organization LLC



  • Family Trust Companies

    A difficult decision faced by many ultra-affluent families is the selection of a trustee to administer the family's wealth. This role is typically filled by…
  • Estate & Asset Protection Planning

    Revocable Living Trust Formation We understand that probate can be an expensive, time consuming, and invasive process. A revocable living…
  • Business Law

    At The Grupp Law Firm LLC, we have extensive experience counseling clients on the entire business lifecycle. We provide our clients with the analysis and knowledge…
  • Trustee and Trust Protector Services

    Trustee and Fiduciary Representation Trustees are bound by strict fiduciary standards. At The Grupp Law Firm LLC, we take this responsibility…
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