Judgment. Courtesy. Diligence.

The Grupp Law Firm LLC offers estate planning, trust administration, and family office services from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We help families across the United States build and gift their wealth for a multi-generational legacy.

We exist to empower families to leave a multi-generational legacy.

— Matthew Grupp, President & CEO

Our Professional Services

The Grupp Law Firm offers sophisticated estate planning and trust administration, in order to help families build multi-generational legacies. Together with our colleagues at Grupp Financial, we provide integrated family office services in order to support families on their journey towards a flourishing future.

We construct strategies for your estate—from foundational planning to advanced asset protection—so that you can confidently transfer your family’s wealth to those you love.

The Private Client team coordinates integrated services so that you have a seamless and holistic experience with your family office. We treat clients with integrity, care, and transparency.

Trustees are bound by high fiduciary responsibilities to administrate trusts on behalf of beneficiaries. These responsibilities can be complex and carry liability. We assist trustees with their fiduciary roles and responsibilities. 

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The Wyoming Qualified Spendthrift Trust 

The Wyoming Qualified Spendthrift Trust is a kind of asset protection trust. Asset protection trusts can often benefit high-net-worth individuals. However, they are especially beneficial for professional practitioners such as physicians and attorneys, who are often exposed to personal liability in the provision of their services. Not many states provide favorable asset protection trust legislation. […]