The Private Client team coordinates integrated family office services so that you have a seamless and holistic experience with your family office. We treat clients with integrity, care, and transparency. If we can assist your family with these family office services, please contact us.

PFTC Administration

The private family trust company has many benefits for enterprising families but requires commitment and expertise to run effectively. Our professionals can serve as board members and officers in your family’s private family trust company in order to relieve you of the day-to-day administration of the PFTC, while leaving you in control. Additionally, the PFTC can serve as the chassis for your family office, providing you with a tailored suite of services.

Investment Advisory Services

Our colleagues at Grupp Financial LLC provide investment management advice and Family Wealth Services. Our teams collaborate on a plan that seeks to match your liquidity goals and lifestyle needs to your investment strategies.

Tax & Accounting

Wealth owners should be confident that they are fulfilling financial obligations accurately through tax and accounting services. Our internal bookkeeping services team actively work with our professional partners so that your books are professionally balanced, your bills are paid, and your legal structures are compliant with tax regulations.

Family Governance and Education

The foundations for a flourishing family are cohesion around values, clear communication, and trust. Focusing on family governance & education enables families to build cohesion, successfully progress from generation to generation, and realize their unique potential as a family and individuals.

Lifestyle Management

Whether buying a new home or considering insurance options, your family can benefit from a holistic look at how to thrive within the structures it has set. We integrate lifestyle management with other wealth and governance services so that your family’s needs, wants, and desires match your long-term goals.

Philanthropic Planning & Management

Living a fulfilled life is as much about how we help others as what we do for ourselves. However, it can be difficult to find the most impactful ways to support a flourishing community. We partner with you to design a philanthropic plan that effectively empowers your charitable giving, community leadership and responsible ownership.

If we can assist your family by serving in one of these roles,
Contact The Grupp Law Firm LLC today.