The Grupp Law Firm LLC offers estate planning, trust administration, and family office services from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We are committed to seeing your family flourish now and in the future. Through our process “The Heroic Family Journey,” we help families gift their wealth to the next generation for a multi-generational legacy.

Families are best served by personalized solutions that look at the unique dangers, opportunities, and strengths facing them now and in the future. We provide high level service with the warmth of a family-owned firm. Whether you are receiving tax planning, investment advice, or a family education strategy, your services will be integrated with your own unique goals.

Wyoming provides unique tax and estate planning benefits for families. To learn more, please download this short summary of Wyoming’s advantages.

Our Values 


Using our expertise to build and transfer your family’s wealth


Treating clients and 3rd parties with respect and acting with a servant’s heart.


Placing your family’s flourishing as our highest priority.

Our Process

Wealth is not just financial assets—it is wellbeing. The family’s Wealth consists of the family’s spiritual, intellectual, social, and human capital. Building this Wealth together with you is our goal. Families who invest in their qualitative wealth are able to flourish and leave a lasting legacy.

Our process enables families to achieve a Family Enterprise View. The Family Enterprise View holitically ecompasses the family’s quantitative and qualitative wealth: “everyone you love and everything you have.” We provide you with governance tools to build and preserve your Family Wealth over time.

We call this shared process The Heroic Family Journey. As your guides on this Journey, we collaborate with your family by providing holistic estate planning, trust administration, and family office services. We emphasize the impact that any plan has on the family dynamic, and we engage the next generation with family governance & education services. To learn more about the “why” behind the Heroic Family Journey, click here for more information.

We are ready to start your Journey with you! Contact us to get in touch with an attorney.

The Heroic Family JourneyTM

1. Call to a New Way of Life

“Commit to the Journey”

We present a thorough professional evaluation of your estate and financial situation at the Base Camp Retreat.

2. Crossing the Threshold

“The Courage to Move Ahead”

We map and build your Legacy Plan, which integrates estate, financial, and family governance plans. You get to hear from our professionals a detailed explanation of the plan at the Ascent Meeting.

3. Solving Complexity

“Develop the Capacity to Flourish”

We implement your Legacy Plan and then gather for a signing ceremony at the Summit Meeting.

4. Transformation

“Gain Confidence as a Family Enterprise”

We provide ongoing administration of your Legacy Plan, so that your family is empowered to flourish.

Our Professionals

Matthew Grupp

President and CEO

Michael Estrada

Director of Private Client Services

Kayanne Yarrow

Private Client Services Associate

Our Story 

In 2005 Matthew Grupp established a trust and estate practice with the singular intent to put families first and to help families flourish. The firm’s values have not changed since: providing full transparency, doing what is best for the family and individual, and upholding integrity in all processes and actions. The team at The Grupp Law Firm LLC has earned its clients’ trust through exceptional client experiences in estate planning. The practice has now evolved into a full service organization that also provides outsource options for family offices.