The Grupp Law Firm laid its foundation upon a resolution to protect wealth, promote business, and safeguard families.  As a token of that promise, the Firm provides each of its clients with our “standard” of care represented by a shield. As our standard, this shield represents our continual striving to bring our clients to new heights and guard against their enemies. 

It is said that "Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared; but only men of character are trusted."

At the Grupp Law Firm, we highly value both character and trust:  the character and standard of staff and procedures and the resulting trust that we provide to our clients.  We thoughtfully select qualified personnel who are not only ethical and empathetic but also knowledgeable and proactive.  Our activity extends to the application of problem solving skills to address your challenges, the management of both your risks and opportunities, and tax planning and compliance services.  In summary, our team provides trustworthy and competent integrated financial planning strategies and objective financial advice.

Though the financial waters ebb and flow, our service and capabilities are never a step behind.  We ensure this by constantly pursuing continued education.  This allows us to consistently suggest new ideas and approaches, creative estate planning strategies, and to use case studies from actual practitioners to highlight how today’s forward thinking firms are applying marketing strategies in the competitive marketplace to get results.  We also prioritize the examination of current wealth trends which affect growth strategies as well as explore catalysts for new growth.  This enables us to serve as a sounding board or to provide helpful financial education and training for you and your family. 

When our clients trust us to help them plan for “everyone they love and everything they own”, we shield them with a work environment that fosters care.  We pride ourselves in personal service and attention to your needs, proactive communication, availability of services, and strategies to foster family cohesion and sustain family legacy.  As a father of eleven, President Matthew Grupp understands firsthand the importance of guarding what you love. A touch of personal experience further enhances our ability to understand personal goals and financial objectives and to align investment strategies with these goals.  As a further part of the client experience, we extend helpful philanthropic advice about mission and impact and strive for investment performance that meets or exceeds established benchmarks.  Quality and trust are the pride of our profession we feel a profound responsibility to see these two characteristics upheld to the highest degree.

A shield is not only a type of personal armor meant to intercept attacks but also a standard and promise of trust.  We anticipate and guard against attacks by providing organized, precise, and secure management of your affairs.  We personally retain all documented information and keep key information that we prepare for you or others on your behalf available online and implement a rigorous review structure for all processes.  In addition, we uphold a high standard of security with a cutting edge platform, latest technology, and innovative approaches, all to ensure that the protection of your personal and financial information is fostered with the utmost care.

Aegis is our breastplate of quality, trust, and character.  We look forward to speaking to you and bringing this “standard” to you.  Contact us for more details and information.