About Us

At The Grupp Law Firm LLC, we provide our clients and their families with the utmost protection and privacy to accomplish their comprehensive financial, business, trust and estate planning wishes. We are a family-focused practice that specifically caters to the Family Wealth Industry serving ultra-affluent families warranting sophisticated planning.  Drawing upon decades of experience, we deliver family wealth legal solutions that cater to business centric families, family offices, and enterprising families.


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Affiliated Companies


Grupp Organization

Grupp Organization LLC enables families to flourish by acting as the holding company that coordinates our various service lines in support of enterprising families and their professional service providers.  Whether families are just now establishing family governance and legal structures or are seeking professional services or technology solutions to benefit their existing family office teams, we are committed to help enable families to flourish by achieving an enterprise view to manage their various risks, opportunities, and strengths to safeguard everyone they love and everything they own. Click here for more information.

Grupp Fiduciary Services Logo

Grupp Fiduciary Services LLC provides Private Family Trust Company (”PFTC") administrative services and Family Office services. We are equipped to work with families that are just now embarking on this journey, as well as those who have already established legal counsel and Family Office teams and are simply looking to plug gaps in their current service model – we are built for collaboration. Click here for more information. Click here for more information.