Clients approach the Grupp Law Firm with what they value and what they hold dear.  To safeguard these and to address of all their corresponding needs, we present the client with the pyramid of the client experience.  Built on the solid base of quality care, which we hold as a standard, we erect a three-sided plan which will guide you to the apex of your goals. 


No two people are the same.  We all have different hopes and dreams, and one set plan will not work for everyone.  We solve this dilemma by assembling an expert and knowledgeable team, specialized in developing creative and innovative wealth Planning Strategies, to help you realize your goals and to prepare a plan with us that is tailored to your specific needs and dreams.  As part of the welcoming process, we introduce you to a team of managers and staff responsible for dealing with the client's experience to provide ease of transition through the various steps of our process. 

The firm is committed to creating a consistent and meaningful client experience at every point of contact with the firm.  Service standards, practices, and protocols are defined for all interactions with both prospects and clients including an initial phone call, meetings, signing, and continued planning.  A detailed client service plan is drawn up which helps schedule and document goals, incremental meetings, and future prospects.



The implementation of your plan occurs through a careful collaborative effort with one of our private client managers to provide consistent service, practices, and protocols.  Furthermore, we make effective use of the best and latest technology to better serve you in storing and accessing your reports and any other important information in a timely, easy, and well-protected system.  This ensures the highest quality of privacy, security, and documenting of all important forms.  Moreover, the firm appreciates the importance of established client-advisor relationships and collaborates with the client’s existing advisors in a reliably-managed advisor network so that all members of the client’s network are working together to serve the client’s best interests.



“In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past, and the bridge to our future.” (Alex Haley)  We have striven to provide a comfortable and dependable environment for you and your family here at the firm.  As many of our employees have families of their own, we understand the bonds of family and the corresponding attention which they merit.  We form our services with this care foremost in our minds.  With personalized, objective advice from the firm based upon your personal goals, we offer provisions for the present, future, and for your unique family legacy.

In an effort to provide attentive and quality care, the client manager and staff are consistently available to clients on demand.  Attentive response times are observed to ensure the highest client satisfaction, and the nature of communication is directed personally by each client.

Understanding the client’s personal goals, views, and objectives are crucial.  Our client manager meets with each client as appropriate to review key financial activities and goals, including spending patterns, investment performance and changes in service needs to ensure that services are aligned with the client expectations.

This tri-fold approach aims at bringing you the highest quality of life and peace of mind for the future.  Bring your hopes and dreams to us, so that we might make them grow.

We invite you to learn more about Our Mission, or, if you should have any further questions about our standards of client experience feel free to contact us.